Rising PSA After Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy for prostate cancer sometimes fails. Afterwards, some men experience their Rising PSA after radiation, which may mean the prostate cancer was not completely eliminated. Cryosurgery (also called cryotherapy) can be used as a follow- up procedure. When rising PSA after radiation is seen, then explore cryosurgery as a follow-up option… rising PSA after radiation.

Prostate Cancer Cryosurgery

When rising PSA after radiation, prostate cancer may not have been completely eliminated by the therapy. Prostate cancer cryosurgery , or cryotherapy, is a treatment that can be used after a previous therapy has failed. Consider cryosurgery as a leading salvage cryotherapy therapy… PSA rising.
Rising PSA After Surgery | Salvage Cryotherapy | Cryosurgery


If your PSA begins to rise after radiation therapy, intervening early is important.

Don’t Wait Until It Is Too Late.

Unlike hormonal therapy, cryotherapy is a CURATIVE TREATMENT for recurrent prostate cancer. Hormonal therapy is not curative and has many associated side effects.

According to a prostate cancer database (CapSURE), 63% of patients who underwent radiation therapy for prostate cancer saw a rise in their PSA (biochemical recurrence of prostate cancer). This is commonly referred to as radiation failure.

Most patients who fail radiation are put on hormonal therapy. Hormones ARE NOT a cure. They only delay the cancer from growing.

Hormones also have very well documented side effects, including but not limited to:

-Hot flashes

-Bone loss/Higher risk of fracture

-Reduced sex drive

-Breast enlargement

-Possible cardiovascular side effects

-Possible effect on insulin/glucose regulation

-Possible effects on cognition

- Increase weight gain, specifically belly fat

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has also issued a warning about the link between hormonal therapy, heart disease and diabetes in prostate cancer patients.

Cryotherapy performed on patients who have recurrent prostate cancer, having failed radiation therapy is referred to as salvage cryotherapy.

One of the benefits of cryotherapy is the lower number of side effects. Click here

Studies have shown that intervening early (before PSA reaches 10 ng/ml) is an important predictor of a successful treatment for recurrent prostate cancer. Don’t wait until it is too late!

Salvage cryotherapy is typically performed as an outpatient procedure and is covered by Medicare and most major insurance companies.

What are the advantages of salvage cryotherapy?

Am I a Candidate for salvage prostate cryotherapy?

What are the side effects of salvage prostate cryotherapy?

Is salvage prostate cryotherapy effective?

What are the other treatment options for recurrent prostate cancer?

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Hear physicians and patients discuss the benefits of cryotherapy for recurrent prostate cancer.


Aaron Katz is a world renowned Urologist in the field of cryotherapy. Dr. Katz hosts a 30 minute radio show in New York every Sunday morning. Listen to this 30 minute show dedicated to salvage prostate cryotherapy.

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