Am I a candidate for salvage cryotherapy?

Salvage cryotherapy is used to treat recurrent prostate cancer after radiation therapy. Your urologist can help determine if you are a good candidate, As long as the cancer hasn’t spread outside of the prostate, you may be a candidate for cryotherapy.

According to an article recently published, the following criteria are considered important for the success of salvage treatment, including cryotherapy:

  • PSA < 10 ng/ml
  • Gleason Score of < 8
  • Clinical stage T1c or T2 before salvage therapy

Studies have shown that PSA measurement at the time of salvage treatment can be an indicator of treatment success. Patients whose PSA is less than 10 ng/ml at the time of salvage treatment have better outcomes than those patients whose PSA is greater than 10 ng/ml (BJUI April 2009)

Hear physicians and patients discuss the benefits of cryotherapy for recurrent prostate cancer.


Aaron Katz is a world renowned Urologist in the field of cryotherapy. Dr. Katz hosts a 30 minute radio show in New York every Sunday morning. Listen to this 30 minute show dedicated to salvage prostate cryotherapy.

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