Side effects of hormones, hormones for prostate cancer


All prostate cancer cells are stimulated by the male hormone called testosterone. When the level of testosterone is decreased, prostate cancer cell growth slows down. Unfortunately the cancer itself is NOT cured.

By eliminating testosterone, hormonal therapy can temporarily slow down the growth of the prostate cancer cells but does not stop it.

Unlike cryotherapy, hormone therapy is not a curative treatment for recurrent prostate cancer.

Below are the most widely reported side effects of hormone therapy (LHRH agonists):

-Hot Flashes and sweats


-Bone Loss/Higher risk of fracture

-Loss of sex drive (libido)

-Breast Enlargement

-Possible cardiovascular side effects

-Possible effect on insulin/glucose regulation

-Possible effects on cognition

-Increase weight gain, specifically belly fat

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has issued a warning about the link between hormonal therapy with heart disease and diabetes in prostate cancer patients. Click Here

Click Here for more published information concerning the side effects of hormonal therapy.

Prostate Cryotherapy gives men with recurrent prostate cancer a second chance to cure their prostate cancer. It is a CURATIVE TREATMENT for recurrent prostate cancer when cancer is localized (hasn’t spread outside prostate).

Studies have shown intervening early (Before PSA reaches 10 ng/ml) is an important predictor of a successful treatment for recurrent prostate cancer. Don’t wait until it is too late!

Cryotherapy performed on patients who have recurrent prostate cancer is referred to as salvage cryotherapy. Click Here to learn more.

Additionally, cryotherapy doesn’t have any of the side effects associated with hormonal therapy.

What are the advantages of salvage cryotherapy?

Am I a candidate for salvage cryotherapy?

Is salvage prostate cryotherapy effective?

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Click below to view an animated representation of a minimally invasive prostate cryotherapy procedure.

Aaron Katz is a world renowned Urologist in the field of cryotherapy. Dr. Katz hosts a 30 minute radio show in New York every Sunday morning. Listen to this 30 minute show dedicated to prostate cryotherapy.

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